San Diego Singing Lessons with Jazz Singer Eleonor England

San Diego Singing Lessons in Most Styles

Hey Guys!  It’s Ellie!  Welcome to my San Diego site for my singing lessons.  I tech in a varierty of styles including US Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, Rock, Jazz (of course!), Blues, Indie, Singer-Songwriter, R&B, Country, Classical/Opera, etc!  Only thing is I don’t do the heavy metal demon voice thing.  You gotta head to LA for that!

My students have gone on to be nominated or win a varierty of stuff including the GRAMMYs (WHAT????!!!), Chinese Music Awards, San Diego Music Awards up the metaphorical butt (meaning “many awards” :D), LA Music Awards, etc.  Also multi-platinum album sales, Headlining great placing incuding international jazz fests and venues nationally and internationally.  Blah, blah, blah.  We all know you don’t have to sing great to work in music but it helps a lot!

Anyway, I’m doing some work out NYC way most of the year but am popping in to keep up with my San Diego singing lessons students who take most of the year via Skype with me.   We haft let this site age a few months before it comes up on search so in the meantime, check out my main site for details and to sign up for some Skypers – main site: NYC Singing Lessons.  Or in person when I’m around.  I’ll put my next in person dates below for you as well as the address I’m teaching out of in San Diego.  You are also welcome to use your Skype credits in NYC when you visit if you like!  OK, I’m off to grab a coffee but hit me up for a Skype sesh and let’s get you started – I like to make progress and get super excited so let me know your goals at the first session and we will start getting you on track to get there.    See ya guys!



Teaching location:

La Jolla Music – if you teach or need a rehearsal space, BTW, these guys are the ppl you wanna talk to – super nice place to teach or practice!

7423 Girard Ave

La Jolla CA 92037

Ellie’s phone (415) 895-0549